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Theseus, Great Hero of Greek Mythology

Sex goddess thesues
Sex goddess thesues
Sex goddess thesues

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Theseus was a founder-hero, like Perseus , Cadmus , or Heracles , all of whom battled and overcame foes that were identified with an archaic religious and social order. He was responsible for the synoikismos "dwelling together" —the political unification of Attica under Athens, represented emblematically in his journey of labours, subduing highly localized ogres and monstrous beasts. As the unifying king, Theseus built and occupied a palace on the fortress of the Acropolis that may have been similar to the palace that was excavated in Mycenae. Pausanias reports that after the synoikismos , Theseus established a cult of Aphrodite Pandemos " Aphrodite of all the People" and Peitho on the southern slope of the Acropolis. In The Frogs , Aristophanes credited him with inventing many everyday Athenian traditions. If the theory of a Minoan hegemony [3] is correct, he may have been based on Athens' liberation from this political order rather than on an historical individual. Plutarch's vita of Theseus makes use of varying accounts of the death of the Minotaur , Theseus' escape and the love of Ariadne for Theseus, in order to construct a literalistic biography, a vita.

Essay/Term paper: Theseus or hercules

She was married to King Menelaus of Sparta "who became by her the father of Hermione , and, according to others, of Nicostratus also. The usual tradition is that after the goddess Aphrodite promised her to Paris in the Judgement of Paris , she was seduced by him and carried off to Troy. This resulted in the Trojan War when the Achaeans set out to reclaim her. Another ancient tradition, told by Stesichorus , tells of how "not she, but her wraith only, had passed to Troy, while she was borne by the Gods to the land of Egypt , and there remained until the day when her lord [ Menelaus ], turning aside on the homeward voyage, should find her there.
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